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From the Heartís Closet
A Young Girlís World War II Story

By Anneliese ďLeeĒ Krauter

This is a Keeper ... You will [read of] the human side of events during World War II that even most "history buffs" do not know. There are many stories of personal courage. Don't miss this one. (Review by Jim Tucker, The Boca Banner Newspaper)

From the Heartís Closet is a clearly insightful look into the feelings and struggles of a displaced German family during World War II. . . The Wiegands show compassion and understanding throughout lifeís adversities, yet with great determination the family manages to overcome its obstacles. . . The family maintains a positive outlook. . . In moving, they learn to move on. . . Heartís Closet ranks in the neighborhood of The Diary of Anne Frank and The Hiding Place in literary appeal. I feel it has the potential to become the first 21st century classic World War II literature.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! What an incredibly moving and inspiring life you have had. I am glad you have had the courage to share your story here in America.

[The book] will be a keepsake and treasure for many years and generations to come. I know that it was a labor of love and one that will be valued! Thank you for your insight, stories and history so well told!

An exceptional memoir. (From the Head Librarian, Ellis Island Immigration Museum Library, Liberty Island, New York Harbor)

An outstanding and important work that tells the first-hand story of the German-American experience of the Second World War and the internment of German-Americans. (From the Curator of the German-American Collection & Director of German-American Studies, University of Cincinnati.)

You were so descriptive I felt I was there with you! It would make a wonderful movie!

I have been shocked, saddened, surprised, proud, overjoyed...just to name a few I have read your book. It is great! Such an honest depiction of your life!

What a fascinating book! Your lessons about family are tremendous.

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